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Morgan Plus 8

“Rowdy” 1987 Morgan Plus 8                                                             

• Morgan Plus 8
• Year & Model: 1987 Morgan Plus 8
• Engine: Rover 3.5 litre V8 cylinder overhead valve fuel injected
• Gearbox: Rover 5 speed
• Body: Full aluminum body and wings over ash frame

The best way to describe the RAW driving experience of any Morgan is to “let the driver feel part of the car”, without any powered assistance for the steering and breaks, one needs to be initially cautious. Once you become accustomed to the basics of driving a true British Sports Car (Old Style) then the smile will not leave your face. The “grunt” of the small V8 and the sound (music) it makes when motoring down the back roads you will find yourself having to wave back to the people who stop and stare as you go past. The next treat is when you park- “What sort of car is that?” “Do they still make these?” you will find that you DO become the centre of attention and you must “have a chat” with all the admiring public.

The best comment came from a Harley rider speaking to his female partner-“ Now sweetie, that is a machine to own.”