Jaguar XK140

“Kitty” 1987 Aristocat Jaguar XK140

• Jaguar XK140 .
• Year & Model: 1976 Aristocat  XK140 Sport Car  DHC
• Engine: 4.2 litre double over head cam in-line 6 cylinder
• Gearbox: 4 speed with electric overdrive
• Body: Full fiberglass over space racing frame

Kitty was built by Autotune Rishton in the U.K. under licence from Jaguar with the specific charter to build historic sports cars for the British and European market. Many of these cars have been used in long distance touring rallies and although looking like the XK120 this is a car that can be supplied as a kit. The XJ6 is the principal donor car and the finished product is a very sleek classic Jaguar XKJ140 look alike but running a 4.2ltr Jaguar engine gear box suspension and brakes. It is such a more modern vehicle that the 1950’s XK.

Kitty cruises mile after mile in an easy driving style as she has power steering and power assisted breaks. The suspension takes the country roads bumps easily and the 4.2 ltr engine doesn’t require the gear changes needed in the older version. The twin exhaust note is all Jaguar and the purest will appreciate the classic style and class that “Kitty” offers.

On Jaguar club events “Kitty” is discussed and always admired, she is a grand tourer and is fantastic on the long open roads when the engine’s long legs just purr.